SHAMS Business: Empowering Creative Ventures In UAE

SHAMS Business: Empowering Creative Ventures In UAE

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has long been recognized as a global business hub, attracting investors from various sectors. For creative entrepreneurs and freelancers seeking a conducive environment to nurture their artistic pursuits, Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) offers a unique and empowering solution. SHAMS is a dynamic free zone that caters specifically to the creative and media industries, providing a range of benefits and incentives to support their growth and success. In this article, we will explore how Shams business setup is empowering creative ventures in the UAE.

Industry- focused approach:

Unlike many generic free zones, SHAMS is tailored specifically to the needs of creative businesses. It caters to a wide spectrum of activities, including media, film production, advertising, publishing, design, and more. This industry-focused approach ensures that creative entrepreneurs receive specialized services and resources that align with their unique requirements.

100% foreign ownership:

One of the most significant advantages of setting up a business in SHAMS is the opportunity for 100% foreign ownership. Creative entrepreneurs can retain full control of their ventures without the need for a local partner. This level of ownership freedom allows for greater flexibility and strategic decision-making.

No paid-up share capital requirements:

In many free zones and mainland setups, businesses are often required to meet substantial paid-up share capital requirements. However, SHAMS does not impose any such capital restrictions, making it more accessible for startups and small creative ventures to establish a presence in the UAE.

Cost-effective business setup:

SHAMS offers competitive and cost-effective business setup packages, allowing entrepreneurs to choose the most suitable package for their needs and budget. These packages often include essential services such as licensing, visa processing, and shared office spaces, further reducing the financial burden on new businesses.

Fast and streamlined setup process:

The business setup process in SHAMS is designed to be fast and streamlined. With a supportive and efficient government system, entrepreneurs can expect quicker processing times for licenses and permits, enabling them to commence their creative endeavors promptly.

Networking and collaboration opportunities:

As a hub for creative industries, SHAMS offers abundant networking and collaboration opportunities. Entrepreneurs have the chance to connect with like-minded professionals, potential clients, and industry experts, fostering innovation and creativity within the community.

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