Food allergies which can develop at any age

Imagine being surrounded by your friends and having a bite of apple when you suddenly feel your lips itch and tingle. You wonder what could’ve brough that up, but you don’t realize it is the apple which is the real culprit here until it happens a subsequent amount of time. It is the food allergy which you seem to suddenly have caught and now you are wondering if it is possible to develop an allergy at this age. Hate to break it down to you, but yes. You can develop any sort of food allergy at any age.

Allergy is something which your body initially believes to be harmful for your health or your immune system and as a response they start creating antibodies which would fight off that specific pollen or substance. When antibodies are activated, it can create inflammation, redness in eyes along with tears and itch. It is not necessary that the reaction is always related to immune system, but it can sometimes affect you orally. In such case the immune system recognizes a pollen which your immune system is familiar with in form of some other protein and it tries to cause a reaction. This kind of allergy is not a true allergy but just a reaction of body to something.

The most common food allergies which most people are associated with are:

  • Milk and eggs,
  • Fish or seafood,
  • Nuts such as peanuts,
  • Wheat and soy.

Though it is highly possible to not have these food allergies at all and instead develop allergy to some kind of completely different food but because the above ones are common, you would often find them listed on major food products. What you can do in such situation is go for customized diet plans Dubai which will help you stay away form these foods and enjoy a healthy meal.

We are still looking for a reason how one can develop allergy to something which they have been having all their life, but there isn’t a solid one found yet. Doctors believe that allergies most of the time lay in your immune system and when there is a change in environment, and you are overly exposed to that food your immune system may give up and fight back.

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