Things you need to know about temporary Canada Visas

Canada is considered as highly developed country and it is situated right to the North America. In the past few years, the number of persons moving to Canada has been increased to a great extent. But still there is lack of information about different visa types for Canada. It has a lot of visas but most persons know about only a few types of visas. Immigration to Canada from Dubai is quite easy if you have complete information. You can also get easily US visa in Abu Dhabi. But there are a lot of visa types of Canada that one can easily get confused. So here is complete information for temporary Canada visa so if you want to travel to Canada for short period of time then you should read this article. It will help you a lot to apply for right visa. 

Types of Canada visas:

There are different types of Canada visas such as visitor visa, student visa, work visa, permanent residency visa, business immigrant visa and express entry program visa. These are different types of visas and you can apply for anyone of the visas according to your purpose and choice. If you want to visit Canada for short period of time then you should apply for temporary visa.

Temporary Canada visa:

These types of visas allow persons to live in Canada for specific period of time and after that their visa is expired and they have to leave Canada. The maximum limit of these types of visas are usually 6 months. These can be single entry visa or multiple entry visas. By multiple entry visas the person can travel for multiple times. So different types of temporary visas have been given below.

Tourist visa:

If the one wants to travel to Canada for tourism purpose then he must go for tourist visa. It is also known as Canada visitor visa.

Super visa:

This type of visa allows parents and grandparents to visit Canada for their loved ones who are permanently living in Canada and also considered as citizens of Canada.

Official visa:

This type of visa is offered to company’s officials who have to visit Canada related to the work of their company.

Courtesy visa:

This type of visa is offered to the persons who can not get official visa but they are considered important and have high rank positions.

Business visa:

This type of visa is offered to the persons who travel to Canada related to business purpose, they can be investors too.