The Fascination Of Art And Drawing

There are numerous things that we witness in our life and want to store it somewhere so we can see them later. For that sometimes we record videos, capture photos, write them as memories as well as draw them on papers. Talking about drawing, when you draw something, it’s usually called sketching and when you fill your sketches with colors. It’s called art. There are many types of art. In fact, art is like a flow of water that keeps going. You can manipulate anything and call it art. The type of art that we’re going to talk about in this article, is called drawing. Drawing isn’t specifically done on paper. All you need is a pen, a pencil and some colors.

The art on paper is followed by children a lot. Whatever children think in their mind, they convert it in a picture by drawing it on a paper. Three dimensional designs and optical illusions play an important part in tricking people when it comes to drawing them on paper. Papers have a great importance because people use papers in learning sketches. Countless tips and techniques of sketching professional faces are demonstrated on papers by explaining the methods of shading and blending. Once these sketches are drawn professionally, blending brush helps to make the sketches look real with the shading of charcoal.

Wall arts are the target of attention for decades. People simply grab a spray paint and starting drawing anything on the wall. Wall art is also known as graffiti. Graffiti is a freedom of what you think by spraying it on walls. Wall art is now taking place in interior designing as well. People skip no chance in hiring a painter or artist to draw a graffiti on the wall of their room which is specifically customized with the help of interior designs. To connect the services of wall artists with interior design fit-out companies, Dubai hires numerous professional artists from all over the world. For the promotion of interior design company in Dubai UAE organizes worldwide exhibitions annually for the delivery of new concepts.

Card board art is a masterpiece of catching peoples’ attention in art exhibitions. Card board art is also a major part of street art where people sit on a pedestrian walk with a card board and start drawing faces, cartoons, nature as well as nature with the help of spray paints and brush paints.

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