Questions to ask before you order a wedding cake

There are a lot of bakers who will do cake delivery in Sharjah and the number is increasing because people are now more concerned about getting a beautiful and delicious cake at their wedding ceremony. There are different kinds of cake available and you can choose any one of them as your wedding cake Dubai but you need to get the answers of a few questions first. Here are some of these questions:

Which flavor to choose when couple has different choices? Every human has different nature and choices same is in the case of a couple where two people are going to spend their entire life together. They need to seek patience in every matter and try to solve all the problems with mutual consent. One of the main problem which often couples get before their marriage is that one of them like a flavor which other one totally dislike. In this situation there is no need to argue, you can simple ask your baker to make different tiers with different flavors and you can even get a tier with mixed flavor to show your harmony amongst each other. 

What is the best time to cut the cake? This thing is totally depend on your function mood and your own choice but you have to decide the time first to avoid any last minute hustle. If you want to get all the things going smooth then try to cut the cake before you serve the dinner because in this way people will get that cake as a dessert at the end of their dinner and waiters will get time to cut the cake in even slices. You can also use the cake cutting ceremony as the end of your function indication so that people will leave the place when they done eating that cake but it will take time because waiters have to cut that before serving. If you have more staff then you can appoint two waiters in cutting and then all the others will go on serving, in this way you will save a lot of time.

How to cut the wedding cake? It is the most frequently asked question because a wedding cake is not like a regular cake with one or two tiers and minimum decoration. You need to cut it wisely to avoid mess.

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