Impact of Industry 4.0

For a company that deals in the services of home furniture rental throughout Dubai should focus on tapping into new initiatives in order to gain competitive advantage.

Transportation and placement being costly: There would be times when customers would order home furniture for rental, the next thing that happens is while on the way to the final destination, the furniture would end up being damaged due to irresponsible placement. Sometimes due to the incompetency of the staff, the furniture would be placed in a careless manner and the next thing that happens it crashes on the floor. This happens due to lack of communication and information between customers and the rental company. 

Automating the rental company: To curb the matter of damaged furniture, a rental company should aim to launch Artificial Intelligence(AI), robots and Machine learning. Once the customer places their order, the rental company sends a combination of manual labour, robots and machines to the targeted destination. The area of the event matters and in most cases these are major events. Upon reaching the destination, team members along with robots would place chairs within the premises that too in a precise manner. In case the furniture is immense in size, then the company and customer would have to plan in advance to get such a furniture placed within the premises of the event. Basically a long vehicle that would have built in machines and sensors would be able to offload heavy furniture without any risk at all. This service would be effective in open areas. Such a step taken by the rental company should give them the opportunity to dominate the market and gain First Mover Advantage as a result.

No one gets replaced: It is normal for staff members to feel that they could be replaced when the company adapts an initiative of this magnitude. They should not worry as they are an essential part for the rental company. Their services are needed since robots needs to be guided through a remote control or an application. A backup team is needed in case of a malfunction. By letting robots and machine do the heavy work, staff members would be able to focus on newer tasks. Such an initiative would pave ways for creation of job opportunities. 

Conclusion: Innovative Hiring is a well reputable company when it comes to table hire within Dubai. This company has the potential to incorporate the services of Industry 4.0 into its structure.

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