Facts About Kiosks

Interactive kiosks or any other regular kiosks have proven to be good for any kind of business. This manages the work which directly gives a raise to the business and it is beneficial for customers as well. In recent years, the kiosks have picked up a pretty good market and now is the situation that in every mall or in any office or any commercial space, you will see kiosks. Kiosks are getting more advanced by each passing day. But kiosks were never like this always, and just like everything else in the world, kiosks have history and some amazing facts as well.

Coming down to the first fact which you will be amazed to know that the word kiosk was derived from middle era of Persian language, the word then was kosk. In Persian language, Kosk means palace or portico. Persian kiosks were small garden pavilions inside the home which were open from all sides and these were very popular in the 13th century. Then this word travelled to English language and when the trend of garage sale was conducted in gardens and after the passing time, people started to use stands and then further advanced to small booths offering goods and service and from that time the digital ones got their names.

A study conducted by different marketers showed that 65 percent of the people are attracted to video content and in the latest kiosks there are short videos of the businesses and people like to spend less time on hearing and more time on viewing the informative videos. That is why the offices that have kiosks, will have more customers sooner or later. And just like almost every technology, the first ever kiosk was also a final year project of a student. Which means that the first self-service kiosk was developed in 1977. The student’s name was Murray Lappe, he was a pre-med student at the University of Illinois At Urbana Champaign, he created a plasma hotline which enabled the users to find routes on maps, see bus schedules, directories, courses of universities, extracurricular activities and movies as well. And the first internet-based kiosk was introduced by COMDEX in 1991 in Las Vegas which was used for locating missing children. But if you cannot afford to buy a kiosk, you can always have display stands in Dubai or hire different exhibition stand fabricators in Dubai too.

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