Emergence of Robots

A company that deals in car oil change in Abu Dhabi needs to get the best out of new initiatives around the corner to make the environment suitable for everyone.

Basics of changing engine oil: The standard procedure for getting oil changed is that the vehicle is parked in a certain way, from then a staff member of the company removes the toxic oil from the engine. It takes a while for the oil to be drained out, of course it depends on the mileage capacity of the oil when it was bought. Then the next step is to go beneath the car and remove the previous oil filter and install a new one. After this the time comes to pour the newly bought engine oil into the engine. The last routine step is to tell the owner to rev up the vehicle in order to spot any leakages beneath the car before giving the go ahead signal to take it on the road. 

Messy environment: The manual way of getting the engine oil changed makes the place a mess and worse is the staff member has his or her hand full of oil while removing the existing oil filter. There is also a possibility that while removing the filter, a slight misjudgment would lead to the oil falling on the face of the staff member causing severe damage.  Lastly keeping in mind the messy hands of the staff member, it makes matters worse for the customer when handed over the engine oil bottle which is a standard procedure.

Contribution of robots: To make the environment spotless, the company should perhaps gets its hand on Artificial Intelligence. The purpose is to have a robot present in the workshop. The robot should be able to remove and install engine oil filters respectively without the need of the staff member.

The fear of being replaced: Staff members would start feeling that introduction of robots would lead to them losing their jobs. The fact that the robot is responsible for handling engine oil filters as well as cleaning the floor makes it easier for staff members to focus on other important tasks. The robots in any case has to be manually guided. Conclusion: A company known as “AL Mazroui & Clevy” has the potential to tap into the likes of Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning and Internet of Things(IoT). For more information regarding the company perhaps visit https://www.mazautouae.com/

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