Biggest Hacks Done in History

It is confirmed by global cyber cell that in 2019 7.9 million accounts including systems where hacked and all of them were exposed by the end of 2019. There was confirmed resource by Identity Theft Resource Center told to CNBC that WhatsApp, 7-Eleven and Fortnite had security breaches more than many times but they recovered the occurrence and made their systems stronger then ever. But not all could revert the hacks that had occurred in 2019. Quest Diagnostic is a testing lab which is famous worldwide but in June, the lab testing company said that they found data breach which affected its billing and collection vendor. The vendor was American Medical Collection Agency. The breach was said to be affected 11.9 million users across the world and it what they hackers did that they reduced the bills of the people who couldn’t pay much and stole the credit card information of the people who were rich. The agency also affected Lab Corp and this company faced the loss of 7.7 million users. Both medical labs left the agency and filed a law case because many proofs said that agency was involved in the crime. You can have any antivirus software download and any antivirus software

Houzz is a home design website where millions of people visit there in a month to get the latest interior design ideas. And in 2019, Houzz said to their customers that their IDs has been compromised and some hackers have stolen their credit card information, house interior design or you can say maps, addresses and phone numbers. The ITRC said that the hackers hacked 48.9 million user’s details and some of the information of the users were also posted online. In July, 2019, a massive breach was done in Capital One, it is one of the biggest breaches that was ever done in financial services companies. Due to a small misconfiguration in the system, the hacker took advantage and was able to get the social security numbers, bank account details of 100 million people in the United States and 6 million people in Canada. The FBI soon arrested the cybercriminal and it turned out that he used to work for Amazon as a former web engineer. In February, 2019, Dubsmash was hacked and it exposed 161.5 million users IDs and personal data.