About Us

Thanks for stopping by our page! Our names are Huxley and Layla, and we run Huxleyonhuxley.com Welcome!

We have been food fans our lives. We found what an impact a very low fat, whole food, plant based diet has on health. We heard how to read food labels, that had a massive effect on the way we shopped and foods we maintain in our own kitchen.

Without naming names, a number of us lost weight before trying (or exercising!) . And along the waywe kept discovering foods that were delectable. You enjoy eating more, when you realize what you are eating is healthy. You are not bogged down with feeling about eating.

We discovered a significant part of adhering to a low fat meals plant is currently decreasing or removing petroleum. The means to do that fat is using nonstick cookware, Because we adore meals that is fried and sauteed. We had to discover some pans. So of studying about cooking as an off-shoot, we all heard a great deal.

We work hard on being shoppers, so we invested a massive amount of time. We spent a great deal of time hunting online asked family and friends, and attempted a range of brands and fashions. We ended up gathering information we had to set it into a spreadsheet to keep things right. The spreadsheet helped our decision making procedure, and we all ended up purchasing a few parts of cookware we adore.